Spotlight On Horner Brothers Wood Fencing

July 8, 2016

There are many materials to choose from when selecting a fence for your property.

Horner Brothers Fencing

Vinyl, chain link, aluminum, and wood are options to choose from when Horner Brothers does your fence. Wood fencing is an excellent choice for your fencing needs. Horner Brothers offers Red cedar, White cedar, or spruce. We also offer split rail and milled spruce stockade fencing.

Why wood?

Offers more privacy than chain link.  It also can be painted or stained so you can be sure to give it the customized look you are searching for. Unlike vinyl fencing, wood blends into natural environment both now and as it ages when the wood gets a more seasoned look. Wood fencing can add to your home’s value which is helpful if you will be putting your house on the market.  Wood fencing is comparatively easy to repair and maintain. There are 21 different styles and 6 different picket types so you can choose the exact wood fencing that will be pleasing to you.

Why cedar?

More dense and therefore stronger than other woods, cedar fencing is charming even without paint or stain, especially the red hue of Red cedar. The natural oils in the wood make it resistant to insect damage and rot caused by moisture. This is especially important when choosing pool fencing. Cedar is equipped to withstand the variety of seasonal weather experienced in the Northeast US. Cedar also gives off a pleasant natural scent.

Why milled spruce stockade fence?


Quick and easy to install, economical, a spruce stockade fence is a good choice for boundaries and privacy. A preservative should be used to make the wood last. Spruce is light colored making painting the fence an easier job.

Why split rail?

split rail fence www.hornerbros.comSplit rail is a popular choice for decorative boundaries and agricultural boundaries. Simple to install on any property, it is especially easier to install in hard or rocky ground. Split rail is also an environmentally friendly choice since less wood is used.

Which type of wood fence will work for you?


Contact Horner Brothers for your free estimate. We can guide you through what would be best on your property for both style and function.


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