Maximize Your Space with a Finished Basement

January 6, 2017

When you are stuck inside all winter you may feel cramped in your home. If only you could have extra space! Many homeowners have unused space in their unfinished basement.

Finished BasementBasement refinishing can maximize the space in your current home.

And winter is a great time to have your basement refinished since generally contractors are less busy in the colder months.

The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ideas from past customers:

Family room

If you want to maintain the formal look in your living room, a family room can give the family a place to really relax and unwind together in a more casual space.

Extra bedroom

If your family lives out of town, you may need a guest bedroom for when they come to stay.

Hobby room (sewing, crafts, exercise, games, woodworking, etc.)

Imagine having your sewing machine set up at all times ready to use or having space for your treadmill (so you don’t have to remove all of the clothing draped over it before you use it). Or you could have a wall of flat screens for all the game systems you have.

Playroom for the kids

Never step on another Lego since all of the toys will be in the playroom!

Storage space

You may be able to use an unfinished basement for storage, but it will be dark and dank. Finishing the space will make you more likely to actually use the storage space since it will be welcoming and well lit.

Home office

Whether you need a space to sit down and write out the bills or you are running a home-based business, the basement can be a space away from the rest of the family so you aren’t distracted while you work.

Horner Brothers FencingSince basements tend to be large, many of our customers have used their finished basement for more than one of these ideas at a time.

What about your basement? What could you do with the extra space a finished basement would afford?

Contact Horner Brothers for a quote.

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